‘EPM Solutions’ is a company based in Malta specialising in design, installation and maintenance of electrical, mechanical and plumbing services in all types of domestic, commercial and industrial settings within both public and private sectors.

‘EPM solutions’ was set up in 2010 as a limited private company.  Since then it has evolved into an established company which has grown both in size and range of works undertaken.  Our success has been ensured through commitment in conferring sustainable, high-performance and low energy consuming solutions within the stipulated time frame and budget in order to fulfil our clients’ expectations.


We strive to provide optimal electrical, mechanical and plumbing solutions at competitive prices and within established deadline requirements without compromising safety, quality and efficiency, in order to meet and exceed customers’ expectations.                                                                       .

‘EPM solutions’ complete all types of electrical and plumbing installations as well as wide range of mechanical services in domestic, commercial and industrial premises. We also specialize in turnkey projects for clients looking for a complete solution according to their project requirements.

Our company's partner selection policy is one that assesses potentials suppliers vis-a-vie technical competence, ability to deliver on time and within established deadlines, attention to detail, good work practice, responsiveness and the ability to intervene promptly when unforeseen circumstances arise. EPM Solutions were trusted by our company on the mentioned criteria and indeed the decision has not once been regretted. This service provider has been a breath of fresh air in an industry in which such responsive and reliable suppliers are hard to come by. –Managing Director, Xemxija Bay Property Holdings Ltd.

I had the good fortune of working several times with EPM Solutions on a series of residential conversions, new residential buildings and commercial properties. EPM Solutions' team worked diligently and efficiently on various occasions and seamlessly liaising with other ongoing work trades during the projects to successfully complete projects with difficult deadlines whilst proactively identifying options and solutions to accommodate challenges inevitably occurring in complex situations.  –Architect Kevin R. Abela BE&A(Hons) A&CE, Abela & Associates Architects

EPM Solutions have always provided an excellent service respecting the imposed deadlines whilst also proving to be flexible enough to adapt to arising situations, which are a common occurrence during projects. The undersigned recommends EPM Solutions and the services they offer, given their proven track record on a number of projects and the quality of service offered by the team. –Architect Daniel Micallef BE&A(Hons) A&CE, Daniel Micallef architecture & design